Bristol SU votes to Ban BAE recruitment

August 17, 2014

The motion to oppose and Ban BAE Systems as an Arms Company with Poor Human Rights Records from University of Bristol Students’ Union Events, and the University in general has been passed by the University of Bristol Students Union.

The proposal set out that:

1. BAE Systems is clearly unethical and has no place on campus, especially since their practices are in clear contravention of UBU’s Ethical Policy.

2. Any student interested in working for BAE deserves to know what their business practices are, especially with regard to any corruption perpetrated, or human rights abuses facilitated. Any student interested in working for BAE deserves to know of all criminal convictions or liability for criminal behaviour if they are present on campus. Anything less constitutes deceit.

3. Having only BAE company publicity and propaganda at events is unacceptable. Their efforts to deceitfully recruit students must not be supported and must, in fact, be actively opposed.

4. BAE should not be shielded from criticism over its moral behaviour, or given a platform, simply because they have paid money to one branch of the University to be there.

5. UBU should take a firm stance against BAE being given a platform by the University, and should also support students protesting their presence at careers fairs or any other events. This is only appropriate for a free-thinking and critical institution, and one that aims to be ethical.



The Annual Members Meting of Bristol SU took place on Thursday 6 February and agreed to the following actions:

1. UBU should support, with resources, representation or other means, any action that seeks to raise awareness of BAE’s questionable business practices, or oppose their presence on campus. UBU should come to the defence of any students threatened with disciplinary measures by the University over these actions.

2. UBU should follow the example of Warwick Students’ Union and prevent these companies from advertising themselves and from recruiting in all UBU space


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