Glasgow University under pressure to divest

April 29, 2015



The University of Glasgow is under growing pressure to divest after NUS Scotland revealed that Glasgow University has £1.3m invested in a number of arms companies including BAE Systems. A new petition, already signed by 200 people, highlights that:

Last year students of Glasgow University successfully managed to convince the university to divest from harmful fossil fuels, and we are confident that with the help and support of all those opposed to bankrolling harmful, immoral industries, we can help make sure that money is taken out of arms industry too.

John Finnie MSP on on this issue said “BAE Systems is the world’s 3rd largest arms company, with total sales of nearly $27bn for 2013. The company has faced criticism for the ethics of its business dealings.”

Kirsty Haigh, of NUS Scotland, describes this as “shameful”, saying that “Our institutions should be working to benefit not just their campuses, but wider society as well and we should expect more from them.”

Email [email protected] to get involved with the campaign.


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