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Get involved

Join or create a group.

The best way to get things changing at your university is to form your own CAAT group. While each student union is different, the process for setting up your own group is straightforward.

Once formed, a group will usually benefit from support from the SU including transport and administration assistance. And you’ll become a valuable part of CAAT’s University Network!

If you have any questions, or need of any resources, email universities(at)caat*org*uk.

Organise an action against arms companies on campus.

Protesting arms companies on campus is an effective and creative way of challenging one of the important links between arms companies and universities.

Attend an event at your university or in your local community.

Look for information on our events page.

Browse and download some resources.

Visit our resources page to find materials on campaigning and information on arms companies.

Join us.

Take action now.

Find out what simple actions can help CAAT campaign for an end to the international arms trade.