Graduating? Keep in touch with CAAT

June 1, 2015


Resource image with coloured blocks reads: Keep in touch with CAAT. You've booted out BAE and Babcock, shut down Selex and thwarted Thales on campus but now what? Here are our top tips for staying involved with anti-arms campaigning post-graduation. 1) Ensure that CAAT has the details of whoever you're handing over to. 2) Have a final meeting, party or bring and share to celebrate your successes. 3) Sign up to our mailing list ( 4) Gather resources, info, photos & news stories in DropBox (send it to CAAT & give it to a 2nd year). 5) Ensure that we have a non-uni email address for you. 6) Come to our local actions ( 7) Join a local group ( 8) Apply to volunteer at CAAT (email: 9) Act Now! (
Graduation is just the beginning for anti-arms campaigning

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