KCL SU pass ethical investment motion

October 23, 2014

The Student Council of King’s College London Students Union has passed a motion calling for a stronger ethical investment policy that excludes investments in arms. The KCL SU is now mandated to lobby the university to produce a comprehensive ethical investment policy which explicitly rules out investments in sectors such as the arms trade and fossil fuels.

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The council states that:

1. Student Council passed the motion ‘ Improve KCL and KCLSU Ethical Investment Policy’ on 12/11/14 2. The motion resolved and called for:

2.1. KCLSU to develop a detailed Ethical Investment and Procurement policy.

2.2. A policy that targeted arms trade links, organisations that transgress international law, and the fossil fuel industry.

2.3. That KCLSU will also produce a shorter summary in a format that is readable to students

2.4. To have transparent, specific, and easily available information on King’s destination of investments to the student body.

3. VP Activities and Facilities, KCL Living Wage Campaign, KCL Action Palestine, Fossil Free Society and Environment and Ethics Officer have worked to respond to this call with support from KCLSU staff.

4. The proposed motion is attached and named “Ethical Policy at KCLSU”.

This Union Believes:

1. “Ethical Policy at KCLSU” delivers resolves within the motion “Improve KCL and KCLSU Ethical Investment Policy” passed by Student Council.

This Union Resolves: 1. To approve “Ethical Policy at KCLSU” and formally start its implementatio


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