University of Exeter students write to their careers service

October 9, 2010
Natalie Horlock
Employer Liaison Officer
Careers and Employment Service
University of Exeter
Kay Building
North Park Road

9th October 2010

Dear Natalie Horlock,

We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned that the University will be actively advertising, supporting and working in partnership with three arms companies on Wednesday 27th October at the careers fair in Cornwall House.

The three arms companies are EADS DS, QinetiQ and The Thales Group. Together they make combined military sales of over 16 Billion pounds annually. EAD DS are the 7th largest arms company in the world producing items such as combat aircraft and guided missiles. The Thales group is the 11th largest arms company in the world and QinetiQ have recently supplied an extensive weapons system to the Philippine Navy.

The arms trade that these three companies partake in is inherently destructive and contributes towards humanitarian crises and the escalation of violence across the world, such as recently in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan. The death and the destruction that such violent wars bring on innocent people are the profit and fruits of the arms trade.

We feel that it is unacceptable that a reputable institution such as the University of Exeter should work in partnership with such organisations and encourage students to consider working for them. Therefore we strongly urge you to stop endorsing EADS DS, QinetiQ and The Thales Group and let them know their presence on campus is no longer welcome.

We will be involved in direct non-violent action if EADS DS, QinetiQ and The Thales Group are still permitted on campus to advertise at the careers fair.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future,

Yours sincerely,

The President’s of Amnesty International Society, UNICEF on Campus, SPEAK Society, Friends of Palestine Society, West Papua Society and Socialist Students.

(Original copy signed in person)


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