Activists protest arms companies at the London Graduate Fair

October 19, 2012

Activists challenged the presence of arms company Raytheon UK at the London Graduate Fair this week. The protesters gathered to call on the organisers of the fair to stop promoting arms companies at their events. They also distributed leaflets to those waiting to enter, to inform them about the devastating work of Raytheon UK.

Protesters stand next to London Graduate Fair billboard
Photo credit: Shahin Shahablou

Raytheon UK is part of the Raytheon company. Raytheon is one of the ten biggest arms companies in the world and its client list includes Israel and Saudi Arabia. Its website boasts the widespread sale and use of its missiles: “the AGM-65 Maverick is a precision-attack missile for more than 33 countries’ air, naval and marine forces… More than 69,000 missiles have been produced to date, and more than 6,000 have been used in combat, with a 93 percent kill rate.” Raytheon UK, along with American counterparts, makes the Paveway IV, a ‘combat provenPrecision Guided Bomb.

By allowing Raytheon UK to exhibit, the London Graduate Fair allows the company to present a sanitised version of what it does. The London Graduate Fair should not provide a platform for arms companies to promote themselves as respectable businesses.

The London Graduate Fair demonstration is part of a wave of protest against arms company recruitment in universities across the UK.

Join us: find out if arms companies are visiting your university and what you can do about it.


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