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How to: Organise an ethical careers event

An ethical careers event is a great way to spread the word among engineers and scientists that there are lots more careers options available to them than with the (often unethical) companies promoted by careers services.

Room of students listening to an ethical careers talk in York

Planning your event:

  1. Decide on the format for your event – you could hold a talk, a panel discussion, a film, a debate, invite ex-engineering students to talk about their career choices, or a mixture of these and more!
  2. Do your research – try looking at the websites of Scientists for Global Responsibility, Engineers without Borders, Practical Action, Centre for Alternative Technology, and our ethical careers page.
  3. Contact us for advice on who to invite to speak at your university.

Before the event:

Logistics check-list: book speaker, have someone to greet speaker, get film, get necessary permissions for film, book room, check equipment in room, print sign-posts to room, print or order leaflets and resources, print email sign-up sheet, buy refreshments, do publicity.

Publicity is very important. Start by thinking strategically about who you are trying to appeal to – are you just targetting engineers and scientists or do you want a broader audience? How can you reach that audience – where do they go and what do they read?

Publicity check-list: have you publicised your event – via the student media, your student events calendar, posters, leaflets, other society mailing lists or a campaigns hub, Facebook, Twitter and have you told your friends?

During the event:

After the event:

Good luck! Let us know how you get on and don’t forget to send your photos to us for the website!

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