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Lobbying your university

Student lying down as if dead in front of a BAE Systems stallOne of the most long-lasting ways of kicking arms companies off your campus is to get your careers service to stop inviting them.

Your careers service should be about helping you to make fully informed career choices, not about blindly promoting any company who can pay.

Your university may already have ethical policies regarding its conduct. They may not invest in tobacco companies, for example. We need to push our universities to prove their commitment to ethical principles by ending their involvement with arms companies.

For a university to make a policy sends a clear and strong message that it, as an institution, does not see arms companies being legitimate. Rather than doing blind promotion of destructive companies, a policy would be the university taking seriously it’s responsibility for it’s role in the world.

What should we be asking for?

There’s a range of things you can ask for, outlined below. (The bigger asks are at the bottom of the list).

Greater transparency about Careers Service policies
Full information for students
Rights for student protesters
Ethical careers
Genuine commitment to ethical principles
End to promotion

Top tips on engaging with your careers service

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