Grim reapers at Warwick careers fair

November 7, 2009

We had a great day – we did the normal leafleting and petitioning of all the people entering and leaving the careers fair, we sold peace poppies and sent postcards off to MPs. We had some people dressed up as eye-catching zombies and others dressed up as corporate types promoting BAE Systems and handing out free sweeties (as recruiting companies do) which were in fact mutilated jelly babies. This worked very well as many students who avoided the protesters were willing to talk to the corporate-looking types. We had a samba band in the morning combined with some speeches. Then at 2.45pm, 11 grim reapers simultaneously appeared in the careers fair next to arms companies’ stalls. Friendly photographers stood ready to photograph the reapers in the fair.

It was a really successful day – we got a good amount of local and student media coverage and raised a lot of awareness on campus. We were told by the police that at least one company pulled out of the fair due to there being a protest and the university careers service was not happy about the protest.


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