Sharing, learning and plotting at the Universities Gathering

December 3, 2012
Students deep in discussion
Students deep in discussion

On Saturday 24 November, students from across the UK gathered at the University of Sheffield to share ideas and learn more about campaigning against the arms trade on their campuses. We were also lucky enough to learn from an ex-university staff member. The Gathering was kindly hosted by Sheffield ‘Fund Education Not War’, a vibrant new student group. The day was a great success, full of energy and exciting ideas for the future.

The Gathering was comprised of workshops and discussions, designed to get ideas flowing and to help students to develop useful skills for campaigning (see full programme). A workshop on ‘How to build your own campaign plan’ helped participants to think strategically about how to design an effective campaign. Another workshop saw students explore creative ideas for action, seeking out new ideas for protest that go beyond the usual tactics used in their demonstrations.

Nov 2012 Student Gathering programme
The day’s programme

The gathering gave students from across the country the chance to get to know each other and to make links between their university groups. Students were able to share what had worked at their universities and develop ideas for the future. An online group for the northern and Midlands universities was created as a space to share ideas and to keep in touch after the gathering. (Please get in touch to join the group.)

Beth Smith, CAAT’s Universities Network Coordinator, said: “I’ve been really inspired by the students I have met today. The campaign to kick arms companies off campus is really vibrant and it’s growing all the time. I’m really excited to see what actions and campaigns come out of the discussions had here today.”

Get involved: Get in touch to find out whether your university has links to the arms trade and what people are doing about it.


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