Success for Edinburgh

September 30, 2013

After a spectacular campaign, Edinburgh university have divested from Ultra Electronics – a company which makes components for drones.

The Guardian reports – ‘The company, headquartered at Greenford in Middlesex, makes navigation controls for the US fleet of Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles.

Armed with Hellfire missiles, they are sent on covert “targeted killing” missions against suspected terrorist cells in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. But according to the Bureau for Investigative Journalism at City University in London, more than 430 strikes since 2002 have killed at least 428 civilians, of whom 173 were children.’

This is a fantastic result for the university, congratulations to the team who have been running the campaign. Divestment sends the strong message to arms companies that we do not recognise their work as legitimate.

If you wish to run a similar campaign at your university, check out our Clean Investment pages

The words 'Ultra Electronics' in yellow and white on a royal blue background.
Ultra Electronics – Out of Edinburgh.

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